Huntington NY, Long Island History, Amityville's Neighbor

Huntington uses Satan as a Symbol!

Amityville was located in Huntington the south broke off to become Babylon.  Satanist Ricky Kasso lived in the Town of Huntington. The book "Say you Love Satan" said Northport revolved around Huntington.

Suffolk County, Long Island Named for Main Witch Hunting Place in England

People often read about "Huntington" when researching Amityville. The symbol of Huntington is Satan! Yes, my friends as unbelievable as it sounds, it is true. And here is the link to prove it.

Amityville was part of Huntington for most of its history, and then the southern part of Huntington broke off to become the Town of Babylon. That is another interesting name. It was named for Babylon in the bible. The bible said, "Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth." Amityville is now in the Town of Babylon. But William Weber, the attorney for Ron DeFeo went to Huntington to get the early records for the Amityville house. That is because all records for most of the property's history is kept by the Huntington Historical Society.

Suffolk County was named for Suffolk, England. It was here that had the greatest witch hunts in England. The people came from the Salem area of Massachusetts, the Salem metro area straddles into Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Many of the people coming from Salem were people accused of witchcraft. This is where John Ketcham and the Ketcham family come in. They were very prominent in western Suffolk County, which is where Amityville and Huntington is located.

Huntington was named after the place Oliver Cromwell was born. (,0,7834961.story?coll=ny-lihistory-navigation) Oliver Cromwell was the leader of the Puritans. Members of the Cromwell family still live on Long Island. Huntington was settled by Puritans. Many of the undesirable from Salem like Deborah Moody, "The Scum of New England" went to Long Island. It was from them that the evil coming out of Long Island was born.

The demonic Spiritualist movement was started by people from central Long Island. They were Isaac and Amy Post. They belonged to the Hicksite Quakers. They were kicked out of Massachusetts for witchcraft. John Ketcham practiced this evil. He was a Hicksite Quaker. From the bible: "A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death."   (Leviticus 20:27 NAB) Many of the Hicksite Quakers were descended from people that left the Salem area of Massachusetts, including Suffolk County, MA.

It was common for followers of Satan to pretend to be Christians and falsely accuse Christians of witchcraft. Many of these people came to Long Island also. The Edwards and Davies made false accusations in Suffolk County, LI.

In modern times, America's most spectacular Satanic ritual murder occurred in the Town of Huntington. This was done by Ricky Kasso in 1982. The book "Say You Love Satan" said that Northport, which is in Huntington Town, revolved about the much larger Huntington Village. Kasso hung himself when locked up in what was called the Amityville Asylum for the insane.

At left is the Huntington Football team. Notice the picture of Satan on the uniform. The opposing team is Sayville, which is Amityville's sister village. The symbol of the village of Sayville is the demonic lightning bolt. It symbolizes Satan being cast down to Earth from Heaven.

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Huntington, NY was named after the birthplace of the leader of the Puritans, Oliver Cromwell. Suffolk County Long Island was named after Suffolk England, where the Puritan's were the strongest. Here is a scene from a movie about Suffolk, England called "Witchfinder General," and pictures from movie posters. The movie was mostly fiction.


At right is a picture of a witch's circle, notice how they are dressed as Puritans. There were Puritan's that were involved in witchcraft that falsely accused real Christians of being witches. That is what set off the big witch trials in the Salem area of Massachusetts. The girls were practicing witchcraft with an Indian, but instead of confessing they blamed others.


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historians believe it stemmed from the fact that it was formed during the brief rule in England of Oliver Cromwell, whose birthplace was Huntingdon]], England.


Witchfinder General Reviewed by Dr Malcolm Gaskill, fellow and director of studies in history at Churchill College, Cambridge.
"The story is played out not on the claustrophobic sets of Hammer's productions but against the pastoral beauty of the Suffolk countryside"

"What really happened in Suffolk was quite different. When news of gaols overflowing with witches reached London, a special legal commission was appointed, which then conducted a large number of trials at Bury St Edmunds. Hopkins himself never ordered anyone to be hanged, here or anywhere else. England was chaotic for a while in the 1640s, but never anarchic. "
Patrick Wymark (Oliver Cromwell),

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Huntington Historical Society and  NY History. Facts about Huntington High School Devils, New York, including its founding.