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Interesting People that Lived in  112 Ocean Ave.

112 Ocean Ave

Big Movie/TV Star Grew Up in Horror House

Christine Belford  Christine Belford - Actress
Christine Belford (Former Riley) became a famous actress in such shows as Beverly Hill 90210, Battlestar Galatica, and played the daughter of Marcus Welby M.D. Movies included "The Ladies Club" and "The Gambler."

Her Family, the Rileys, sold the house to the DeFeos. Her parent's marriage was destroyed in that house. Some say she met Ron DeFeo as a child. The two of them are the most famous people ever grew up in Amityville.

Marcus Welby

Marcus Welby, M.D.

Damien: The Omen Christine Belford's husband Nicholas Pryor helped make the movie Damien: The Omen II. He played played Dr. Charles Warren. The Omen movies were about the Anti-Christ and makes use of Satanic images such as the number 666. She assists him in his movie work.

Peter O'Neil - Amityville World Trade Center Victim  Peter O'Neil

Peter O'Neil lived in the Amityville Horror House from 1987-97. He died a horrible death in the World Trade Center attack. At the time of the attack he was still living in Amityville.

 World Trade Center Attack

From a post by "karin" a childhood friend of Christine Belford.
"The strangest one would be that my best friend when I was growing up was Christine Riley. I used to take the bus to her house every Saturday and her mom would drive us to the stables so we could ride our horses. I spent the weekend with her all of the fact went to my first formal with her brother. She became an actress named Christine Belford (Marcus Welby's daughter) and other bit parts. The really neat thing is her home was in Amityville and it was the house that the movie "Amityville Horror" was based on!"
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Like Father, Like Son

Their firstborn's name was debated and decided, but the baby looked too much like his father to be a Brendan. He was a Peter J. O'Neill Jr. case closed his mother, Jeanne, decided when she caught her first glimpse. Peter O'Neill shared all of his father's interests and an extra virtue: enamored of firemen from the time he was 2, he joined his local volunteer crew in Amityville, N.Y., at 17.

At home, he and his father were known as "the twins." Handy and outdoorsy like dad, Peter Jr. knew his way around the family boat, the basement toolbox, the lawn mower; he also hunted duck and shot skeet, a bonding ritual for the O'Neill men.

He considered working alongside his father, a Wall Streeter-turned-painting contractor, but realized his business degree from Bentley College would get a better workout at his uncle's firm, Sandler O'Neill & Partners, at 2 World Trade Center. He was a natural there, too, and he and four friends were stockpiling their salaries in hopes of renting a Manhattan apartment.

Shoe-shopping on the Sunday before the attack, Peter, 21, told his mother he intended to take classes to become an emergency medical technician. When she asked why he wanted to do that rather than go to graduate school, he said, "Because, Mom, I want to help people."


Amityville Insane Asylum: Drew Barrymore's Great-Grandfather died there.

Suicide Club in Amityville - Mass suicide and Murder

Bram Stoker who wrote "Dracula": His link to Amityville

Al Capone in Amityville - Sinks into insanity.

Witch Trials - Woman accused of witchcraft in Amityville area!

Ray Buckland: Starts Modern Wicca near Amityville - First Coven in America

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