First Modern Wiccan Coven in America in Town of Islip, Long Island

Ray Buckland Buckland Brings Modern Witchcraft to America

Ray Buckland the Witch

The first modern witch coven in America was started in the Town of Islip in Suffolk County, Long Island. It is nearby Amityville in the same county. It was started by Ray Buckland who is called the "Father of Witchcraft." He wrote much of the most important Wiccan Book of Shadows.

According to both Stephan Kaplan and Ray Buckland, George Lutz met Ray Buckland in nearby Bayshore to learn about witchcraft before they moved into the famous house.

Patricia Kennealy Morrison is from the same town that the Amityville Horror house is in, Babylon. She became a  witch shortly after Buckland started the coven in the town next door. She was the witch that Jim Morrison married in a Wiccan ceremony and they reportedly drunk each others blood.

George Lutz learned witchcraft from Ray Buckland before he moved into the house.



Books by Ray Buckland


Witch Circle Nude Dance Witches in nude heathen dance.

Patricia Kennealy Morrison

Witch Patricia Kennealy grew up in the same town that the Amityville Horror house is in.. She married Jim Morrison in a witch ceremony where  they drunk human blood. Strange Days - Jim Morrison


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Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan and Amityville House

Blue Oyster Cult Band: The connection to Stephen Kaplan

Dr. Van Helsing: Real person that inspired the Character in the Dracula book lived in Amityville area.

As for Ko Lankester's reliability, I quote parts from his introduction to the interview:
"In October 1988 I wrote a letter to Patricia Kennealy Morrison, the only woman who ever went through some sort of wedding ceremony with Jim Morrison, in which I explained my wife and I were Doors fans, very much interested in Witchcraft, and had read the novels she had written. (...) I suggested I'd send her some questions about her relationship with Jim. (...) Not only did she agree to do this interview, she did more, she made two friends. From the first letter she wrote us there was a mutual feeling of warmth and understanding. (...) What was probably her greatest gift to us, apart from her friendship, was the copy of Gerald Gardner's book "Witchcraft Today" (...) 'because Jim read it, this actual book, not just a copy of the book, and I'd like you to have something he once held'. Read the interview (...) Nothing has been changed. These are my very questions and her very answers, the way she wrote them."
"modern Wicca derives from Gardner."
"They then brought the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and secret names back to Bay Shore on Long Island, "
" Immediately after the coven was formed, Wicca began to spread over the United States"

"The `original material' that was handed down by Gardner was just the bare bones . In fact, there were fewer than 100 pages in the Book of Shadows in 1972."

There are only three fully recognized Gardnerian lineages in the United States: The Long Island Line (from Raymond and Rosemary Buckland), The Kentucky Line and the Donna Cole Line. A fourth line, the emerging California Line, is an offshoot of the Long Island Line.

In 1973, Lady Rowen, Ray Buckland, Lady Theos, Phoenix, Ed Fitch, and one other person, as the actual Elders of the Gardnerian movement in America, signed the materials they were adding to the first-degree Book of Shadows, thus certifying it as authentic and authoritative. Father of Witchcraft, Brought Witchcraft to AMerica
“This classic text is the most complete self-study course in modern Wicca available, written by the author who first went public with "The Old Religion" in the United States. One of modern Wicca's most recommended books, Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft has been used by hundreds of covens to train new initiates and by thousands of solitaries looking for a detailed, step- by-step course in Witchcraft. This revised and expanded edition includes additional photographs and illustrations, a new preface, and an index. The revised workbook format now includes exam questions at the end of each lesson, building a permanent record of your spiritual and magical training. After studying British Traditional Witchcraft and receiving initiation from Gerald Gardner- (considered to be the father of modern Witchcraft), Ray Buckland brought Wicca to the United States.
Raymond Buckland (1934 -) Written and compiled by George Knowles
Buckland who was responsible for introducing Gardnerian Witchcraft into America in 1964.
In 1962 he and Rosemary immigrated to the United States. They settled in Brentwood, Long Island, where Buckland went to work for British Airways, then known as BOAC
Buckland became Gardner’s spokesman in the United States and whenever Gardner received a query from the U.S. it was forwarded to and answered by Buckland.
Buckland started to write about witchcraft in 1968, and in 1969 he published his first book 'A Pocket Guide to the Supernatural
That same year his marriage to Rosemary broke up and they handed the leadership of their coven over to 'Theos and Phoenix', who became the local Gardnerian High Priest and Priestess of Long Island.
his contribution to the revival of Witchcraft in America is perhaps without equal.

Gardner timeline

Gardnerian Wicca or Witchcraft was brought to the United States by
Raymond and Rosemary Buckland. Longtime students of the occult, they heard of
Gardner and traveled to the Isle of Man, where he operated a witchcraft and
magic museum. While there they went through an intensive program in Gardner's
witchcraft and were initiated into both the first and second degrees (which is
contrary to standard practice that requires a year and a day between
initiations). Upon their return, they formed a coven on Long Island and
became the center of a burgeoning movement. Much of the spread of the
movement was due to the Bucklands' availability to the media whose interest
was sparked both by the witchcraft museum they owned and their willingness to
be interviewed and photographed as witches.
Soon after Witchcraft spread across America, other people attracted to
the Goddess faith began to create variations on it.
Straight From The Witch’s Mouth: An Interview with Anton Szandor LaVey, High Priest and Founder of The Church of Satan
By JOHN FRITSCHER, Ph.D. (Jack Fritscher)
Ray Buckland certainly knows a great deal about the occult. He has a good synthesis of the Arts. But sanctimony still comes through. His famous chapter on black magic threatens that if a curse is not performed properly it will return to the sender. He defines things like good and bad, white and black magic for those who--as I say in my Satanic Bible--are frightened by shadows. I maintain that good like evil is only in the eyes of the beholder. Ray Buck land has guts, though, to sit in his Long Island home conducting his rituals and not caring what the neighbors think. Gardner: books started in the 1960s
His early books, like Witchcraft from the Inside, did much to dispel negative stereotypes of Wicca in the 60's. The book is Traditionalist in approach,
Wicca is an eclectic modern religion which has drawn inspiration from many sources, both ancient and modern. Literary Satanism is just one of those many sources.
Gerald Gardner is credited with re-introducing the word into the English language, although he himself used the spelling Wica repeatedly in his published work of 1954.
admission to which was at least in theory limited to those who were initiated into a pre-existing coven. The Book of Shadows, the grimoire that contained the Gardnerian rituals, was a secret that could only be obtained from a coven of proper lineage. Some Wiccans such as Raymond Buckland, then a Gardnerian, continued to maintain this stance well into the 1970s.
Interest outstripped the ability of the mostly British-based covens to train and propagate members;
Buckland maintained the Gardnerian position that only initiates into a Gardnerian or other traditional coven were truly Wiccans. However, in 1974, Buckland broke with the Gardnerians and founded Seax-Wica, revealing its teachings and rituals in the book The Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft.
Wiccans worship two deities, the Goddess and the God sometimes known as the Horned God.
A much sensationalized aspect of Wicca, particularly in Gardnerian Wicca, is that some Wiccans practice skyclad (naked).
Gerald Gardner began Wicca in England as a revival of ancient Pagan worship, focused on the duality of the Great God and the Great Mother.


Wiccan and Witchcraft history.

Bayport of the Hardy Boys is located in NY. The location is on a bay.




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