Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan & the Amityville Horror Conspiracy

Stephen Kaplan, Critic of George Lutz

Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan of the Amityville Horror Conspiracy

Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan holding a stake to kill "Vampires."

Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan was a critic of George Lutz and the story of the haunting of the house. Kaplan lived in Suffolk County, NY and was a school teacher that actually believed in the supernatural. His ancestors were from Eastern Europe and he ran an organization called the Vampire Research Center.

Western Suffolk County is known for several things in regard to Vampires. First, Walt Whitman who was the main inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula was from the county. In addition, the homosexual community on Fire Island has a long history of "Sexual Vampires." These are people whose sexual preference is sucking the blood from others. The author of this article himself often seen these foul creature when a child. They were thin, weird and pale. The vampire themed music group, "Blue Oyster Cult" was started in the school district that Dr. Kaplan taught in!

There is a whole legend of Andy Warhol being involved in Vampirism. A woman named Valerie Solanas even shot Warhol with silver bullets. There was a movie made about it called, "I shot Andy Warhol." Andy Warhol wearing turtle neck sweater, making movies and pictures about Dracula, and spending his summers in Suffolk County on Fire Island added to the legend.  

East of Amityville is the village of Bohemia, which was settled by Slavic peasants from the mountains of Eastern Europe. Montague Summers who wrote The Vampire in Europe said that the small province of Bohemia was the main center of Vampire activity. An article in the Prague Post called Bohemia, "Vampire Central." (Bohemian vampires rise again By Katka Fronk Prague Post 3/29/00 ) Summers said that Bohemia was worse for vampire legends than Transylvania. A quote from Summers in regard to activity in Bohemia: "...and when they pierced it with sharpened piles of white thorn it howled horribly, writhing and champing its blud red lips with long white teeth whilst streams of warm red blud spurted out in every direction." It is from Bohemia in Eastern Europe that Slavs came from to settle Bohemia, Long Island. They named their Suffolk County village after their homeland. Much of the local vampire legends come from the beliefs of these Slavic settlers.

Is it not strange that the Amityville house is located where the world's top Vampirologist lived?

Stephen Kaplan

Amityville 3D

Stephen Kaplan was portrayed in the movie Amityville 3D.


Pilgrim State Mental Hospital. At one time it was part of one of the largest concentrations of mad houses in the world. It is east of Amityville and there were patients that suffered from "Renfield's Syndrome." It is a recognized mental disorder covering insane people that drink people's blood. Pilgrim State Mental Hospital

Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan.

Stephen Kaplan's home area and its association with vampires:

Blue Oyster Cult rock group: Vampire themed.

The giant mental institution complexes around Central Islip - "Renfield's Syndrome"

Walt Whitman, Dracula author Bram Stoker's friend and hero.

Home of Robert Roosevelt, the inspiration of Van Helsing, Dracula's enemy.

Sayville/Fire Island Sexual Vampires: Includes the legend of Andy Warhol and Robert Roosevelt

Bohemia, Long Island: Eastern European settlement that brought over Vampire legends.

I Shot Andy Warhol <<Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol with silver bullets because she said he was a vampire.

Kaplan in the "Red Room" of the Amityville house.>>

Stephan Kaplan in the Red Room

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