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19th Century Eastern European Peasants bring Vampire Folklore to Suffolk County NY

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Immigrants from a village near Kadam in Bohemia brought over legends from Eastern Europe that were added to the local folklore of Suffolk County. They named their settlement "Bohemia" which is east of Amityville.

Vampire myth and stories

Immigrants from the Province in Eastern Europe that Montague Summers said has the Strongest Beliefs in Vampires Settled in Bohemia, Suffolk County.

The village of Bohemia, which is east of Amityville, was founded by Slavic peasants from Eastern Europe in the 19th century. The names of the early Slav families were Vavra, Kratchovil, Koula and Ruzicka. They developed a reputation of being fine carpenters. The part of Eastern Europe they were from was the province of  Bohemia, in a village near Kadam. These peasant immigrants brought with them legends and tales of vampires which was added to the local Suffolk County folklore.

Montague Summers who wrote The Vampire in Europe said that the small province of Bohemia was the main center of Vampire activity. An article in the Prague Post called Bohemia, "Vampire Central." (Bohemian vampires rise again By Katka Fronk Prague Post 3/29/00 ) Summers said that Bohemia was worse for vampire legends than Transylvania. A quote from Summers in regard to activity in Bohemia: "...and when they pierced it with sharpened piles of white thorn it howled horribly, writhing and champing its blud red lips with long white teeth whilst streams of warm red blud spurted out in every direction." It is from Bohemia in Eastern Europe that Slavs came from to settle Bohemia, Long Island. They named their Suffolk County village after their homeland. Much of the local vampire legends come from the beliefs of these Slavic settlers.

The largest Vampire hunts ever in Europe was in Bohemia. Dead bodies that they thought were vampires had their head removed and then chained down in the grave. Many of these graves were found by archeologists.

According to college professor Giuseppe Maiello, who teaches in Bohemia, Europe, "From the beginning of Slavic settlements here in Bohemia - that means from the beginning of the 6th century - you can find a percentage of graves that you can recognize were considered "vampire" graves." and "Of course if in a small community there was a typical epidemic and people began to die, if the people started to die, in this case they were sure it was the action of one or more vampires." (From Radio Praha, Creatures of the Night 27-10-2004] By Jan Velinger

According to an Katka Fronkin, "When Montague Summers wrote The Vampire in Europe in 1929, he took this account from a tiny village in Bohemia -- vampire central. According to Summers' research, you stand a greater chance of having the life sucked out of you here than in Transylvania." (The land of the living dead By Katka Fronk, Prague Post, 3/29/20000


Montague Summers Picture The world's top vampire writer, Montague Summers, said in this book, "The Vampire in Europe," that vampire belief was stronger in Bohemia than anywhere else in Europe. It is from the mountains of this area that the settlers of Bohemia, Long Island came from.

Bohemia, N, Long Island Map

Bohemia is located east of the woods of Connetquot.


Stephen Kaplan and the Amityville Horror Conspiracy World famous Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan lived near Bohemia and conducted many investigation there.

Compare book colors to colors below. 


The official color of the village is red, the color of blood. Sometime black is added as trim, making it even more intriguing. Note lightning bolt symbolism and the Gothic typeset.



Dracula by Bram Stoker, Early Book Cover Compare the colors of the early book cover of Dracula to the uniforms of the village sports teams.


Normandy Inn of Bohemia, Long Island The Normandy Inn in Bohemia. It is believed by many that this building is haunted. According to local legend a young girl named Maria, sometime known as "Bloody Mary," was brutally murdered in this building.

Coffin Making

The Bohemian immigrants were known as fine carpenters.


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