Amityville Horror House,  Ron Defeo Killings, John Ketchum and nearby Sayville

The Amityville Horror House of Amityville

Amityville Horror House

Lots of Claims of Demons Area !

The idea that the Amityville Horror was completely made up by Lutzes is false. Stories they told are common in the area around Amityville, and Suffolk County that Amityville is located in. This area is know as the "Devil's Quadrangle."  There are a large segment of the population that believe such things. In addition, to say nothing happened at the house since the Lutzes is also false. A group of murdering Satanists led by Ricky Kasso spent time there. There are people in Amityville that claim that the only strange thing that went on there was Ronald DeFeo going crazy, but that is not true.

What the Lutzes originally said, and what was in the book and movies are two different things. The author of the Amityville Horror book, Jay Anson,  made up a bunch of things, then the movie makers made quite a few exaggerations. The problem is that people waste their time by disproving parts of  the movie and the book that the Lutzes never originally claimed to have happened. The original story they told is quite mild, which is why the media companies exaggerated. For example, the door that was blown off was just a screen door, but the movie showed it as a thick wooden door. Other incidents included missing money (Probably lost), black stuff coming out of a toilet (Same thing happened in my house), George Lutz beginning to act crazy (This might be the real source of the story), the daughter has a pig friend (Children often have imaginary friends), Kathy Lutz has a nightmare about the killing (Why could she not have a nightmare?), etc. It sounds like hysteria.

There were really Indian burial grounds in the area, and John Ketcham was a real person. However, much of their facts were mixed up since John Ketcham was not burned, and the burial ground was not under the house.

There is a few themes in several Long Island area murders. In the Amityville murders, Son of Sam, and the Reza murder there was suggested involvement of demons, animals, and killing by rage. All three involved killing on Long Island, with a strong link to the south shore of Suffolk County.

In these murders, there were claims of demon possession. In the Son of Sam, the killer said a talking dog told him to do it. In Amityville there was Jody the pig. Furthermore, there was a witchcraft link. At the very least there is a similarity of culture. In all three cases, there was an increasing rage that led the killer to snap.


1. Increasing rage, then a snap.

2. Claims of demon possession.

3. An animal involved, such as Jody the pig and Sam the dog.

4. Link to south shore, Suffolk County, New York. The Son of Sam last stand was meant to be in Southampton, but then he got caught.

Amityville Horror Lion Picture of the lion that supposedly moved.    Amityville High School Colors
Sayville Schools Compare the blood red colors of the Amityville schools to the colors of the movie posters. Nearby sister village Sayville was the first place to use the symbolism of the demonic lightning bolt with the purple/gold colors.

The earliest case involving claims of demon possession and murder in Suffolk County was in 1657 where Goody Garlick was accused of being a witch. In addition there was a mysterious animal sighted, much like people sight Jody the pig. In the murder and witchcraft trial of Goody Garlick people sighted a strange black cat. This occurred like the others on the south shore of Suffolk County New York, like the others. Goody Garlick was found innocent. She was accused by members of the Edwards family, who were the founders of Sayville, which is located on the south side of Suffolk County. Sayville is the gateway to the world center of homosexuality, Fire Island.

According to the Amityville story, John Ketcham was a witch that came to Suffolk County from the Salem, Massachusetts area. John Ketcham was a real person, but he was not put on trial for witchcraft. However, Suffolk County was originally settled by people from the area around Salem, which included Puritans. One particular mystery is where Amityville sister city Sayville got its name from. No one knows. This in itself is strange. A popular theory is that since the family that started Sayville came from Salem Village, Massachusetts, it is a contraction of Salem and Village. Originally Salem was called "Salem Village" later dropping the second part of the name. Thus Salem=Say, Village=Ville, and the two combined being equal to "Sayville."

Another Suffolk County murder that was related to the Amityville horror house was in 1984, led by Ricky Kasso in the nearby village of Northport. According to the "Wacky World of Murder," "In 1984, Ricky Kasso led his merry men on a pilgrimage to the notorious house at Amityville where Ronald 'Butch' DeFeo had massacred his family ten years earlier. It was 30 April, the witches' feast of Walpurgisnacht, so Ricky knocked together an altar and they all shouted a few praises to Satan."


"In June 1984 in Northport, New York, Ricky Kasso and James Troiano were accused of killing 17-year-old Gary Lauwers by gouging his eyes out and stabbing him 17 times during a three-hour torture session. At the end of the ordeal, Kasso and Troiano forced Lauwers to say, "I love you Satan" Although Police claimed Kasso and Troiano killed Lauwers in a dispute over stolen drugs, Kasso had previously become obsessed with black magic and Satanism (after reading LaVey's Satanic Bible) and after the murder was openly boasting of his human sacrifice. Kasso confessed to the murder and later hanged himself. Troiano was acquitted of second-degree murder" (,

The actual ad that the Lutzes saw in Newsday for the horror house. Amityville Horror Dead Body of DeFeo Dead body being carried out of the house of Amityville house of  horrors.

From George Washington's 1790 Diary: His visit to Sayville and the Ketcham's
"From hence turning off to the right we fell into the South Rd. [Montauk Hwy] at the distance of about five miles where we came in view of the Sea & continued to be so the remaining part of the days ride, and as near it as the road could run for the small bays, marshes and guts, into which the tide flows at all times rendering it impassible from the height of it by the Easterly Winds."
"We dined at one Ketchams..." - Day before Sayville
"Thursday 22nd. About 8 O'clock we left Mr. Thompson's -- halted a while at one Greenes distant 11 Miles and dined Harts Tavern..."
"To this place we traveled on what is called the South road described yesterday but the Country through which it passed grew more and more Sandy and barren as we traveled Eastward, so as to become exceedingly poor indeed but a few miles further Eastward the lands took a different complexion we were informed. From Harts we struck across the Island for the No. side, "

NOTES: The Ketchams mentions are of the family of John Ketcham of Amityville Horror fame. According to the Amityville story, he was a witch that came to Long Island from Salem, MA. The Greenes are the people who settled West Sayville. There is an old Amityville legend says John Ketcham came to Long Island from Salem Mass. but because he was a witch escaping the trials, when in Amityville he was burned as a witch.  

Here are the facts. There were several John Ketchams in Suffolk County. The first was from the Salem, Massachusetts who was involved in anti-witch activities. Another John Ketcham was actually involved in the occult. In a letter to John Ketcham, Lucretia Mott wrote, "[Her husband James Mott] attended a circle for 10 weeks last winter, and was much interested. I have never witnessed anything of the kind. Is there not reason to fear the effects of such frequent reveries, on Isaac Post’s mind? A Mrs. Taft of Mass. has lately become quite insane, from that cause. (Mott, 1852) ."

John Ketcham was practicing Spiritism. Spiritism was founded by the Fox sisters and according to "Spirits of the Age" by Katie Haegele many people at the time "called the girls harlots and witches." ( The bible says in Galatians 5:19-20: that people must stay away from, "...impure thoughts, eagerness for lustful pleasure, idolatry, spiritism (that is, encouraging the activity of demons),..." and Kathryn Capoccia, said, "The basic elements of Spiritism and witchcraft have remained the same throughout it's history." ("Halloween: A Trick or a Treat? 04/29/2003  The Fox sister would hold ceremonies in a circle and claim to talk to the dead. John Ketcham knew Isaac Post. Post was one of the leaders of the Spiritist movement and wrote the book "Voices From the Spirit World," in 1852, the year John Ketcham received the letter from Lucretia Mott.

Lucretia Mott Lucretia Mott warned John Ketcham about the occult. Fox Sisters Spiritism and Witchcraft John Ketchum and his circle of friends were involved with the occultist Fox sisters who claimed to talk to the dead.
  Witchcraft and the Amityville Horror Katie Haegele said people accused the Fox sisters of being  "witches."


Witch Houses "Salem Village" No one is really sure exactly why Amityville sister village Sayville is called Sayville. The theory is "Sayville" is a contraction of "Salem Village," the original name of Salem, Massachusetts. Many of the original families came from there. Sayville is near Amityville in Suffolk County.

Salem = Say ; Village = Ville ; = Sayville

Old pictures of houses in Sayville. Looks like Salem, MA.


Stephen Kaplan and Vampire Hunting in the Amityville area.

Amityville Mother Kills: Says demons drove her to put Melvin and Delvin in scorching water!

Poltergeist Movie - Family & House it is based on located near Amityville!

More about Amityville

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The house in New York had many stories told about it, but what is the truth? The murders on long island could very well have been a hoax. The house may be haunted. The murder was terrible. The dollhouse at 2 brunswick became a movie The auction and pictures of the dmv may of been a true story haunting haunting the horor and the basketball team had any difffernt Amityville pictures that are horrow of the house that lutz lived in. Plenty of Amityville horror photos and useful information about the Dominicans and dmv and the history of the village and house. Father Pecoraro the priest was called Father Mancusco in the movie. The haunting of the horrible house. Home of horro. Amityville Real Estate. City Confidential and info on Kaplan, with details on the Seventh Victim. George Lutz said the house was scary and creepy. The murder was spooky in Long Island. Really freaky. The biography of Butch DeFeo. Amityville photos and pictures. There was a possession of the son at the Horror House. He killed his whole family. George Lutz went insane. John Ketchum and accusations of being a witch.

There were many horrors in the house. The house was known to be haunted. But many say it was a horror hoax, just a story. The haunting and the horror story was well known. The Amityville Horor occured many years ago. The history of the area tell the truth about the horror. The news and photo of the photo amytville home is here, with photos of De Feo. Links to sites and a space project. The Warrens investigated. Images of the monster and the true story of the horrors and the tale of the house. Tales and stories of the supernatural and Jodie the Pig, and other monsters.

s eminem lyrics horro com ii  The murders by Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr. happened in Amityville. Ron DeFeo Junior supposedly committed killed the members of his family only for the insurance money. Pictures of the Amityville Horror house.
112 Ocean Avenue or also 112 Ocean Ave.

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eminem lyrics

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As of the census2 of 2000, there are 9,441 people, 3,434 households, and 2,266 families residing in the village. The population density is 1,744.1/km² (4,508.4/mi²). There are 3,577 housing units at an average density of 660.8/km² (1,708.1/mi²). The racial makeup of the village is 84.34% White, 8.54% African American, 0.20% Native American, 1.28% Asian, 0.00% Pacific Islander, 3.32% from other races, and 2.32% from two or more races. 9.18% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

There are 3,434 households out of which 27.7% have children under the age of 18 living with them, 51.8% are married couples living together, 10.5% have a female householder with no husband present, and 34.0% are non-families. 27.1% of all households are made up of individuals and 11.6% have someone living alone who is 65 years of age or older. The average household size is 2.57 and the average family size is 3.15.

In the village the population is spread out with 21.9% under the age of 18, 5.7% from 18 to 24, 30.7% from 25 to 44, 24.2% from 45 to 64, and 17.5% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 40 years. For every 100 females there are 90.0 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 85.5 males.

The median income for a household in the village is $61,885, and the median income for a family is $72,632. Males have a median income of $52,011 versus $35,055 for females. The per capita income for the village is $27,750. 7.5% of the population and 5.6% of families are below the poverty line. Out of the total population, 9.1% of those under the age of 18 and 8.7% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line.



Father Divine and the religious cult of Father Devine. Linda Lovlace biography and Deep Throat ordeal. THe Amityville Horror and Long Island murders. Urban legends that are very scary. amityville  divine  cults  lovelace     melissa                      

I was barely a teenager when the sensational book by Jay Anson, “The Amityville Horror”, was released. I will never forget snatching up a copy from a local bookstore, only to read it and then re-read it again. Could such things really happen? Could ghosts destroy a family the way that evil spirits did George and Kathy Lutz? Could a ghost force someone to kill, as demonic entities caused Ronald DeFeo to murder his entire family?

And most terrifying of all.... could the American public be so easily deceived into believing the events chronicled in the book were actually real? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes” as is proven by the fact that many people still believe in the veracity of “The Amityville Horror”, one of the greatest paranormal hoaxes of all time!

But how did it all begin? How could we all be fooled so easily? And what events led up to the release of the book? To answer those inquiries, we have to go back to November 1974 and understand the true events that occurred in the house on Ocean Avenue.

The horrific carnage that prefaced the story of the “Amityville Horror” began one dark fall night in 1974. The DeFeos, Ronald Sr. and Louise, their two young sons, Mark and John, and two daughters, Dawn and Allison, were sleeping peacefully in their comfortable, three-story, Dutch Colonial home in Amityville. The silence of the house was shattered when Ronald DeFeo murdered his parents and his siblings with a high-powered rifle. One by one, he killed each of them as they slept, although strangely, the sound of the gunshots never awakened the other family members. John Ketchum of Amityville Horror fame.

The Ketcham Family Genealogy.