The History and Legends behind the Amityville Horror Story

The Story of Suffolk County's Indians, Puritans, Witches, Crimes and Massacres

Amityville Horror House

The Truth behind the claims of Indian Massacres and Witch Hunting Puritans from Salem

This website explores the legends an history of Suffolk County, NY, which is where Amityville is located. The story told is about Witches, Puritans, and Indians. This site is meant to introduce about the real historical characters from the area and the history about them.

The legends of Amityville did not start in 1974. There were stories of a site of an Indian massacre site with an angry Indian Chief (Sachem) that haunted the area going way back. The legend is based on the mass gravesite of Indians after they fought John Underhill who came from Salem, Massachusetts. The gravesite is right outside of Amityville. A related legend is of the Indian Princess of Lake Ronkonkoma. What few people outside Suffolk County realize is that both the Amityville movies and the Poltergeist movies are based on the same local legend. Each house is on opposite ends of the massacre site.

This site has is a resource for those who want to learn about the Amityville area.

UPDATE: "Haunted" Lighthouse across the bay from Amityville Feb 20, 2005

UPDATE: Amityville area scientifically best place to worship Lucifer Feb. 13, 2005

UPDATE: Christine Belford - Famous Movie Star lived in the horror house! Jan. 3, 2005

UPDATE:  Amityville Cemetery - Mary's Grave, Bodies dug up, etc. Dec. 28, 2005

Stephen Kaplan and Vampire Hunting in the Amityville area. Dec.11, 2005

Satanic Murderer has demonic ceremony at the Amityville house.

Amityville Mother Kills: Says demons drove her to put Melvin and Delvin in scorching water!

Poltergeist Movie - Family & House it is based on located near Amityville!

John Ketcham: The Facts

Amityville Insane Asylum: Drew Barrymore's Great-Grandfather died there.

Suicide Club in Amityville - Mass suicide and Murder

Bram Stoker who wrote "Dracula": His link to Amityville

Amityville General History

Al Capone in Amityville - Sinks into insanity.

Witch Trials - Woman accused of witchcraft in Amityville area!

Ray Buckland: Starts Modern Wicca near Amityville - First Coven in America

Amityville's Sister City and Sport's Rival Sayville

Indians in the area: Massacres, Legends, and Reality

The Doors: Jim Morrison's Witch Wife: Grew in same township as the horror house is in!

Amityville Witch Building: Building shaped like witch hat.

These pages are about the legends forming the backdrop of the various Amityville stories involving the DeFeo, the Lutzes.


Assassinos em Amityville

Dracula e Amityville


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Amityville Asylum Amitville Horror and facts about the weird house. The Horro on Ocean Dr.
ohn Ketchum and accusations of being a witch. The Reverand Jeremiah Ketcham was very strange. Reverand Jeremiah Ketchum was an important character in t he movie.  horro com ii  The murders by Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr. happened in Amityville. Ron DeFeo Junior supposedly committed killed the members of his family only for the insurance money. Pictures of the Amityville Horror house. 112 Ocean Avenue or also 112 Ocean Ave. Bayport of the Hardy Boys is located in NY. The location is on a bay. The house in New York had many stories told about it, but what is the truth? The murders on long island could very well have been a hoax. The house may be haunted. The murder was terrible. The dollhouse at 2 brunswick became a movie The auction and pictures of the dmv may of been a true story haunting haunting the horor and the basketball team had any difffernt Amityville pictures that are horrow of the house that lutz lived in. Plenty of Amityville horror photos and useful information about the Dominicans and dmv and the history of the village and house. Father Pecoraro the priest was called Father Mancusco in the movie. The haunting of the horrible house. Home of horro. Amityville Real Estate. nsane Asylum of Amityville Horror and Indians. The Angry Indian Chief of Amitville. Amityville Horror and the truth.

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