Patricia Keneally-Morrison of the Doors Fame was a Witch - Wiccan

She Grew up in the Town the Amityville Horror House is in!


Kathleen Quinlan as Patricia Keanelly in "The Doors"

Keanelly nude as portryed in "The Doors"

Married in a Witch Ceremony to Jim Morrison

Witch Coven High Priestess Patricia Keneally-Morrison, grew up in the Town of Babylon that the Amityville house is in. The Village of Amityville is located in the Town of Babylon, and there was a claim she had precognition which is the ability to foretell the future. She was an early Wiccan and also lived near Ray Buckland who started modern Wicca in America and created the country's first Coven.

She married Jim Morrison in a witch hand-fasting ceremony. In the witch marriage ceremony blood was spilled and a knife was used. Mrs. Morrison said, "there were ceremonial cuts upon himself in the handfasting. (Page 383, Strange Days) In this pagan, some say demonic, ceremony they used a dagger to cut themselves. In Mrs. Morrison's words, I make two tiny cuts on the inside of my left wrist, carefully over the bone; we don't want to slice any arteries here. and "blood wells up immediately." (Page 172) Her and Jim Morrison then mix their blood. (Page173)

She is most well known for her portrayal in the movie "The Doors" by Oliver Stone where she is protrayed, in the word of Patricia Keneally-Morrison herself, "they cut each other's wrists and drink some blood" and "its what real witches do." (Page 379, Strange Days) She furthermore said that there was "an accusation that she killed Jim by witchcraft" in Morrison biographies. (Page 403, Strange Days)

She once said, "...I will  out the throat of Oliver f*cking Stone." (Page 380)

Quotes from "Strange Days" by Patricia Kennealy, 1992

Patricia Kenealy as a student, where she lived in the same town that the famous Amityville house is in. Her childhood home was right between the Amityville Horror House and Ray Buckland's Coven. It was the first modern Witch's Coven outside of England.

In the movie she said to Jim Morrison, "F*ck Me, Rock God!"

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Once posted here was the idea of an idea (a proto-proto-idea) to do a game on the Keltiad, a fine series of novels by Patricia Kenealy-Morrison. However, I got an email today from someone claiming to be Ms. Patricia Kenealy agent. He wants me to cease and desist "production" on the anything having to do with her Keltiad series of novels. Well, since the ideas in my "proto proto" section were not in production at the time and haven't been moved to "production" since - and since I've *read* Ms. Keneally-Morrison's
website, where she threatens to magically and spiritually and legally destroy anyone who even *THINKS* of doing anything with her property, you can be certain that the idea's *gone*. Poof. End of story. Ricky Kasso - Wick