Amityville's Sister Village Sayville Founded by Witch Hunting Family from Salem!

They came to Long Island from Salem Village, MA.


The Edwards were Witch Accusers

     The founding family of Sayville, the Edwards, were Puritans that came to Suffolk County from Salem Village (Now "Salem") Massachusetts. Amityville and Sayville are nearby in Western Suffolk County NY. The Edwards accused a woman of witchcraft and was involved in only one of only two times people from New York State were tried for witchcraft, both "sorceries" occurring in Suffolk County. The Edwards settled in Easthampton with other people from Salem and according to Peter Venturini they "sought to recreate the tiny puritan republics which defined Massachusetts" and "these Puritans were also aware of the presence of the devil." Furthermore "settlements were politically and economically tied to New England rather than New York." and "Long Islanders imported their tombstones from New England." Unlike the rest of what is now New York, what is now Suffolk County was part of the New England Colony, that is why Suffolk County was considered part of New England. The only indictments for witchcraft involved acts in Suffolk County, since this is where the Puritans of Massachusetts settled. These were the people, along with the Edwards, that settled Sayville aka "Salem Village" NY.

     The Edwards family accused a woman called Garlick of being a witch and at the witch trial said, "Goody Edwards said that once Goody Garlick had requested that Edwards' daughter, who had recently given birth, provide her with some breast milk, which she did. The child immediately got sick." There was even a black cat, "A black thing at the bed's feet,'' The legal indictment said, "familiarity with Satan the great enemy of God & mankind & by his help since the year 1650 hath done works above the course of nature to the loss of lives of several persons with several other sorceries..." Several other Edwards said she was a witch, such as Ann Edwards. The court determined the Edwards had lied.

     George DeWan of Newsday said of the accusations, "The indictment (of witchcraft) shows how strongly the idea of a woman possessed by the devil, a witch, was embedded in the Puritan belief system."

     The only other trial was involved two people who were indicted on charges of witchcraft and sorcery for the death George Wood and his son. Part of the Amityville Horror story was based on these two trials. According to the Amityville Horror story, a witch from Salem called John Ketchum escaped the witch trials to resume his worship of the devil. He was supposedly then caught and burned at the stake on the location of the Lutz's house. Although John Ketchum did come to Suffolk County from the Salem, MA area at about the time of the trials, he was not part of either witch trial.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Symbol

Sayville Village Symbol

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart, and Serena, who killed a cheerleader in a demonic ceremony are both from Sayville.  Notice the purple and gold color scheme of the show, same colors as Sayville.

 Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina

Jeremiah Ketcham - Fictional

Jerimiah Ketcham in the 2005 Amityville Horror movie was fictional. However, the Ketcham Family is real. They use to own the property that the famous house is on. The writer Bernie Kosar (Gee, what type of name is that?) said he blamed the problems in the house because he wanted to "stick it to the white man." In other words, he made it up. Check out what type of name Kosar is, only one of that kind would come up with a lie like that.

 Puritan Witch Trial

The Edwards, who founded Sayville, brought Puritan traditions with them from Salem, Mass.

The Edwards were founded by the court to have made false accusations of witchcraft.

  Witch hunting manual Books about witchcraft, the type witch accusers like the Edwards used.


Witches with the Devil

  Witch Examination

Witch Examination



Witch Hanging

Looks like the House of the Seven Gables "Salem Village" No one is really sure exactly why Sayville is called Sayville. One theory is "Sayville" is a contraction of "Salem Village," the original name of the famous town of the witch trials in Massachusetts, where the family of the village founders lived before coming to Suffolk County.

Salem = Say ; Village = Ville ; = Sayville

Old houses in Sayville. Looks like Salem, MA.

The Edwards, who founded Sayville were the most important witch accusers on Long Island. The court found them to be liars.

The Edwards, led by John Edwards, were the founders of Sayville.

John Ketcham: The Facts

Bram Stoker who wrote "Dracula": His link to Amityville

Amityville General History

Al Capone in Amityville - Sinks into insanity.

Witch Trials - Woman accused of witchcraft in Amityville area!

Ray Buckland: Starts the Modern Wicca near Amityville

Amityville's Sister City and Sport's Rival Sayville

Indians in the area: Massacres, Legends, and Reality

The Doors: Jim Morrison's Witch Wife: Grew in same township as the horror house is in!

More about Amityville

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Edward family: Jonathan Edwards "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" in Enfield, Connecticut on July 8, 1741.

There were many horrors in the house. The house was known to be haunted. But many say it was a horror hoax, just a story. The haunting and the horror story was well known. The Amityville Horor occured many years ago. The history of the area tell the truth about the horror. The news and photo of the photo amytville home is here, with photos of De Feo. Links to sites and a space project. The Warrens investigated. Images of the monster and the true story of the horrors and the tale of the house. Tales and stories of the supernatural and Jodie the Pig, and other monsters. City Confidential and info on Kaplan, with details on the Seventh Victim. George Lutz said the house was scary and creepy. The murder was spooky in Long Island. Really freaky. The biography of Butch DeFeo. Amityville photos and pictures. There was a possession of the son at the Horror House. He killed his whole family. George Lutz went insane. John Ketchum and accusations of being a witch.

The house in New York had many stories told about it, but what is the truth? The murders on long island could very well have been a hoax. The house may be haunted. The murder was terrible. The dollhouse at 2 brunswick became a movie The auction and pictures of the dmv may of been a true story haunting haunting the horor and the basketball team had any difffernt Amityville pictures that are horrow of the house that lutz lived in. Plenty of Amityville horror photos and useful information about the Dominicans and dmv and the history of the village and house. Father Pecoraro the priest was called Father Mancusco in the movie. The haunting of the horrible house. Home of horro. Amityville Real Estate.

The Sayville high school Valedictorian had many interesting things to say about Sayville Middle School, Sayville High School and other topics. There was also a Sayville salutatorian. The Sayville Union Free School District, also known as the Sayville Public Schools and the Sayville School District has information available. The Sayville Teacher's Association is the union for the teachers, that often threaten to go on strike. This is often a topic at the Sayville School Board Meetings. Rosemary  Jones is the Superintendent of Schools. The Sayville Board of Education often meets at the Old Junior High. Closing the old junior high and building a new one sure was stupid. School Board members often attend the Summerfest to  talk to voters and respond to charges of corruption, fraud, lying, and worse. The candidates go to the Historic Society, Garden Club, Village Improvement Society, Civic Association, Pilot Club, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lion, and Lioness Clubs to get votes. The children, kids, child, child's and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts often help in the election. The teacher's union supports suspension, suspensions, expulsion, expulsions and even arrests of students who do not kowtow to the Chairman of the School Board. The student that gets arrested for drugs, fights, robbery, murder, mayhem, prostitution, cheating, copying, drug dealing, cutting class, skipping class, chewing gum, wearing shorts, explosives, spying for the former Soviet Union, starting Melissa Joan Hart fan clubs, vandalism, vandal, vandals, stealing, drinking alcohol underage without a license, speeding, stabbing, possessing weapon or making movies are reported to the police, put in jail, then released by liberal Democratic judges who take bribes and graft from the Republican Chairman. The Republican Club and the Democratic Club are in opposition to the ordinance proposed by the Real Estate Agents. The bullies, bully and juvenile delinquents are in the same school as students in the National Honor Society. The politics of the area is determined by politicians. Green, Greene, Verway, Brown,, Anson family, and Bason Families. Sayville genealogy and geneolocal records of ancestors and descendants, and the ancestor The descendent of the town's founder is in the record and the family tree. The family trees of the area is complex. Research about ancestry. Genealogy of Sayville, including Gillette and Oster. THe Sayville Inn is visited by Sayville students and scholars. Information on Long Island, Islip and Suffolk County. Long Island during the Revolutionary War and the colonial period. Congregationalists and Puritans on LI., Address and phone number of Land's End's Restaurant in Sayville. Archives of the Suffolk County News is an extremely useful archive. Newspaper accounts of the incident. The history of Long Island witches in Suffolk and Nassau County. 2000 Little Ras B C G Pr F G M R Banks, insurance, financial service, towing, tow trucks. John Ketchum of Amityville was supposedly a witch and was burned. In the movie the Reverend Jeremiah Ketcham did evil. John Ketcham was related to poet Walt Whitman. and the history of Long Island. The story says he was falsely accused of witchcraft and burnt at the stake. The withc king of Rose Hall. Wit ch wich was the correct whitch? There was a wit ch of the area. The withc hunt will be in the area of Salem. The Bare Wicths Project and the casting of spells by a wtich in witchworld. Burn the witc, all the whitc of the area. Pigerne the witsh.The theme of the African wtch. The wordrobe of the wiych and the Satanic High Priestess who is called the Bruja. A itch that wi and will always be a sorciere, who was witched. John Ketchum and the character the Reverend Jeremiah Ketcham.

Long Island Witches