Amityville Cemetery

Interesting Facts about the Amityville Cemetery and other Local Graveyards

Amityville Cemetery

Amityville Horror Cemetery

A picture and maps of the famous Amityville Cemetery.

The Ketchams,The DeFeos, Corrupt Enron Executive, Satanists, and Others
Cliff Baxter - Enron Scandal Enron Executive: Raised and Buried in Amityville after a Horrible Death

Corrupt Enron executive Clifford Baxter grew up in Amityville and was buried in the Amityville Cemetery after suffering a horrible death. When his brains got shot out it made world headlines. According to the CBS News article "The Mysterious Death of an Enron Exec" that his death was "prime fodder for murder conspiracy theories." Officially he was beginning to act crazier and crazier then he killed himself. Cliff Baxter Suicide HouseMany called the Enron scandal the most "Evil" thing that ever happened to poor retirees because their life savings were stolen. At left is the house where he was found dead, the day it happened.                                      

Ricky Kasso the Acid King Satanist Ricky Kasso Digs up Graves for Demonic Ceremonies.

Satanist Ricky Kasso, who had strong ties to Amityville, went around with his friends digging up graves. According to, Kasso had an arrest for "grave robbing, where he dug up a 19th century grave from which he stole a skull and hand that he intended to use for a satanic rite." This included graveyards in Amityville.

Death and Taxes in Amityville

Longtime corruption fighter of the Amityville Taxpayers Association Milton Bond is buried at the Amityville Cemetery. He was an ally of Amityville fans around the world that fought corrupt elements on the Amityville Village Council. Although Mr. Bond fought unfair taxes imposed on the people, as the old saying goes "You can't escape DEATH and TAXES!"

Mary's Grave - Long Island Mary's Grave Legend and Movie
In Amityville and the surrounding area there is the "Legend of Mary's Grave." Below is a screen shot from the official movie website about how Amityville has a "Mary's Grave." The legend goes back over 40 years and says a girl called Mary was horribly murdered and now haunts people. In the Amityville version, she was killed near Mt. Misery on Sweet Hollow Rd, north of town.

Chief Takapausha, Long Island Indian Sachem.

Chief Takapausha

Indian Graveyards
There are numerous Indian burial grounds in and around Amityville. Although no Indian graves have been found on the present day yard of the famous Amityville house, the house and several nearby Indian graveyards were all owned by a member of the Ketcham family on a piece of land that took up the whole neighborhood.
The most important Indian burial site is at the corner of Merrick Rd and Cedar Shore Rd., 1.5 miles from the famous Amityville house. That was the only spot on Long Island where a large number of Indians were killed. Local people believed that "earth in that spot was remarkably different from the ground about it, being strongly tinged with a reddish cast, which the old people said was occasioned by the blood of the Indians." It is from this old legend that the story of the angry Indian Chief (Sachem) came from. The chief of these Indians was Takapausha who hated the Dutch, but got along well with the English Puritans. After the Dutch were driven out the English Governor made sure he and his Massapequan tribe was justly compensated for their land.

DeFeo Family Gravestone DeFeo Family grave in St. Charles Cemetery, north of Amityville. Below is the Cemetery in the movie "Amityville II" John Ketcham Grave - Amityville

Grave of a John Ketcham.

Amityville II: The Possession

Amityville Cemetery -
Information available at the Amityville Cemetery Association: (631) 264-3317.

Purdy-Ketcham Cemetery - West side of Bayview Avenue north of Merrick Road, Amityville
Smith Cemetery - South side of Merrick Road opposite Park Avenue,
Amityville. Location is behind business properties.
Wood-Ketcham-Conklin Cemetery- East end of Moreland Court, north of
Merrick Road and east of Bayview Avenue. Not maintained-overgrown Amityville.
Purdy Cemetery - West side of Albany Avenue, off Delaware Avenue,
North Amityville. Accessible but greatly overgrown. Near Northeast School.
Chichester Cemetery - North side of Oak Street, east of Broadway (Route 110) Amityville.
Ketcham Cemetery - Cedar Street between Park Avenue and Ketcham Avenue, Amityville.
Trinity Cemetery - located on the grounds of the Dominican Convent, 555
Albany Avenue, North Amityville. Call St. John's Cemetery (718) 894-4888 for information.
Payne Cemetery-southeast corner of Albany Avenue and Bayview Avenue North Amityville.
St. Dominic's Cemetery - Amityville (Right outside the Amityville Village Line)



Stephen Kaplan and Vampire Hunting in the Amityville area.

Amityville Mother Kills: Says demons drove her to put Melvin and Delvin in scorching water!

Poltergeist Movie - Family & House it is based on located near Amityville!

John Ketcham: The Facts

Amityville Insane Asylum: Drew Barrymore's Great-Grandfather died there.

Suicide Club in Amityville - Mass suicide and Murder

Bram Stoker who wrote "Dracula": His link to Amityville

Al Capone in Amityville - Sinks into insanity.

Witch Trials - Woman accused of witchcraft in Amityville area!

Ray Buckland: Starts Modern Wicca near Amityville - First Coven in America

Amityville's Sister City and Sport's Rival Sayville

Amityville Witch Building: Building shaped like witch hat.

Sunlight: The reason for the evil.

More about Amityville

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Brewster Cemetery: End of Brewster Place and Devine Place, North Amityville
Brewster (Also known as Old Bethpage Cemetery): Bethpage Road and Great Neck
Road opposite lies Place, Copiague.
Brunn-Greene Cemetery: S. E. corner lies Place and Bethpage Road, Copiague.
(North of and across from #25)
Miller-Squires Cemetery: North side of Great Neck Road, b/w Commerce Blvd.
and Columbus, North Amityville.
The above cemeteries are inactive.

Breslau Cemetery - Newark Street- Lindenhurst.
The following cemetery is located on Main Avenue, Wyandanch . Names on the
stones were copied for the D A R by Eileen Smith in 1978. It was decribed as being
in the rear of St. John's Boys Camp and said to be in good conditon.
(NOTE: There was no 'following Cemetery listed under this..I will call them.)

East Farmingdale - one half mile east of the Farmingdale Rail Road
Station along side the railroad tracks.
(NOTE: I live right near here. I have no idea where this is, but I will go take a
drive and see if I can find it.)

Beth Moses - Jewish- Farmingdale/Pinelawn
New Montifiore - Jewish- Farmingdale/Pinelawn
Mount Ararat- Jewish- Farmingdale/Pinelawn
St Charles- aka- Ressurrection - Farmingdale/Pinelawn

Long Island National Cemetery - Veterans Cemetery- Farmingdale/Pinelawn
aka Pinelawn Memorial

North Babylon Cemetery - Sunrise Highway
St. Joseph's Cemetery - Sunrise Highway

Babylon Rural Cemetery - Deer Park Ave.
Transcribed by Nancy E Lutz

Amityville Cemetery Pics
For more than 12 years he served as president of the North Amityville Taxpayers Association
Born in Brooklyn, his family moved to Amityville where he attended local schools and started a singing group named the "Gaynotes"

interment in Amityville Cemetery. Services were entrusted to the J.F. Goode Funeral Home, 545 Albany Ave., Amityville Kasso -  Enron - DeFeo Grave


Ketcham Cemetery, Melville
Address: Old Country Road, Melville, NY 11747


Data taken from pp. 1451-1453 Nellie R. Scudder Collections of Long Island Genealogical Records, LDS microfilm # 0017131.

Misc. Information:

Historic family cemetery of locally important Ketcham family.Has not been used for burials for about 90 years. Cemetery is a Town of Huntington Local Historic Site and is cemetery #29 listed in Huntington Historic Cemeteries [1990]. Dates from 1811; 31 stones; 19th century cemetery; Melville [formerly Sweet Hollow] is one of the older inland settlements in the Town of Huntington; [Not an active cemetery] Amityville "Drug Infested"

The Mysterious Death Of An Enron Exec  April 10, 2002


Amityville Horror and the truth of George Lutz and Ronald DeFeo of the Horro, with a history of the events in Amityvile. John Ketcham was supposedly a witch. The house was known to be haunted. But many say it was a horror hoax, just a story. The haunting and the horror story was well known. The Amityville Horor occured many years ago. The history of the area tell the truth about the horror. The news and photo of the photo amytville home is here, with photos of De Feo. Links to sites and a space project. The Warrens investigated. Images of the monster and the true story of the horrors and the tale of the house. Tales and stories of the supernatural and Jodie the Pig, and other monsters. City Confidential and info on Kaplan, with details on the Seventh Victim. George Lutz said the house was scary and creepy. The murder was spooky in Long Island. Really freaky. The biography of Butch DeFeo. Amityville photos and pictures. There was a possession of the son at the Horror House. He killed his whole family. George Lutz went insane. John Ketchum and accusations of being a witch. The Reverand Jeremiah Ketcham was very strange.

Reverand Jeremiah Ketchum was an important character in t he movie.  horro com ii  The murders by Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr. happened in Amityville. Ron DeFeo Junior supposedly committed killed the members of his family only for the insurance money. Pictures of the Amityville Horror house. 112 Ocean Avenue or also 112 Ocean Ave. Bayport of the Hardy Boys is located in NY. The location is on a bay. The house in New York had many stories told about it, but what is the truth? The murders on long island could very well have been a hoax. The house may be haunted. The murder was terrible. The dollhouse at 2 brunswick became a movie The auction and pictures of the dmv may of been a true story haunting haunting the horor and the basketball team had any difffernt Amityville pictures that are horrow of the house that lutz lived in. Plenty of Amityville horror photos and useful information about the Dominicans and dmv and the history of the village and house. Father Pecoraro the priest was called Father Mancusco in the movie. The haunting of the horrible house. Home of horro. Amityville Real Estate. Insane Asylum of Amityville Horror and Indians. The Angry Indian Chief of Amitville. Amityville Horror and the truth. Bio of Ron DeFeo.