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Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sayville Football Melissa was lonely in Sayville

     Melissa Joan Hart was born 1976 in a hospital in Smithtown, Long Island. Her mother was named Paula, and her father was Bill. The family lived in a modest house in West Sayville on Long Island. Her father was a hard worker, and did not have much time for the family. Bill Hart’s brother is a boat builder, and money got tight that, according to Newsday, “"At this pace, I think I can continue for only another year," said Hart, who plans to get a job at a boat yard soon to supplement his income. "But unfortunately it looks like it is actually getting worse.”  Mr. and Mrs. Hart were known as a hippie couple in the village of Sayville. Melissa’s parents got her name from an Allman Brothers song, and her confirmation name is Catherine. She did her confirmation at the St. Lawrence Catholic Parish. MacKenzie Mosca of Sayville said, “They (Harts) are wonderful people.” Melissa loved her siblings, and would visit the library. After school she would take her brothers and sisters to Dr. Panati's house to feed his ducks and geese. Dr. Panati is a scientist and he wrote books about the supernatural, including the Geller Papers about his friend psychic Uri Geller.

     Melissa is an avid reader. Her favorite children’s book was “James and the Giant Peach,” which was about the saddest and loneliest boy you could find. As an adult her favorite book is “Bastard Out of Carolina” which is about a girl that suffered abuse by the people in her town and had a tormented youth. "People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead." 

     Melissa got her start in acting at a very young age; she made her first commercial before she even started kindergarten, and even picked to act in the movie Crocodile Dundee. She was a child prodigy as well as a genius.  

Sayville Cinderella Melissa dreamed of a life outside Sayville.

      Unfortunately there was trouble during the next 10 years of her life as there would have some torment. In Sayville, what happens is that in each grade a certain small number of students are selected to be hated. Melissa was one of them. "I had a lot of frustration when I was a teenager," said Melissa Joan Hart. 1  Matt  said, “Sayville wasn’t the easiest town to live in.” One former classmate, Ben C. said. "As for the kids in Sayville, they were spoiled , selfish , arrogant and the worst bunch of kids anyone could ask for. I only hope adulthood has changed them. As for me, I'm happy in California and have no plans of seeing anybody from Sayville schools again. Melissa's revenge is her success. I hope she keeps on getting her revenge too."

Sayville Library Melissa enjoyed reading. She is intelligent AND beautiful.

     In an interview, Melissa said that the character Sabrina was like her." Everyone else (in Sayville) was so cool and knew what to wear," she says, remembering life as an outsider in Sayville. "I just had no clue. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I think a lot of that was also true of Sabrina."1  The reason for my interest is that to a great extent the school and town shown in Sabrina was based on Melissa’s experiences in Sayville. For example, in Sabrina, she is an outsider, and she is friends with the little people, and was an outcast. The bad person in the show was a cheerleader that enjoyed being cruel to people, just like the football players and cheerleaders in Sayville. Her social position as Sabrina was exactly like in real life, as the one outsider of the most hated group that dared to fight back. Melissa said that kids were "cruel" 2 and she was "lonely."3  The reason why Melissa was able to be so biographical was because she and her mother actually own the production company. Since Melissa is so smart, she even writes and produces her shows! This is why the show is so much like her own experiences in Sayville. 

Here is an example of how her life influenced her work. Below is are some lines from one of the first episodes,  

Jenny - Libby’s not popular, she’s (Head Cheerleader) powerful.

Sabrina- Well how did she get the power?

Jenny- She seized it and as long as there are people backing her up she’ll keep it, it’s all very Stalin. 

      The word “popular” and “unpopular” in the Sayville schools does not have a normal meaning. “Popular” means to be liked, but I found that some of the most “popular” kids were popular for no any other reason than they were good at threatening other kids. 

        Melissa said she was an “outsider” and an “outcast.” According to fellow student Rich “she got picked on due to her height, and because she dressed like ‘Blossom.’" Jimmy exclaimed, “She just wasn't considered one of the ‘cool kids.’” and “People got tired of hearing… how well she was doing.”

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Sayville real estate - Sabrina's House

Sabrina - Sayville


Just like Cinderella had little animal friends, Melissa Joan Hart was friends with animals like Flipper the duck.

Sayville is filled with old houses like the one Sabrina lived in.

Compare the color scheme of Sabrina to the purple and gold of Sayville.


Sayville author Charles Panati    Dr. Panati is a Sayville author that writes books about the supernatural. He was Melissa Joan Hart's neighbor and is a friend of psychic Uri Geller. Dr. Panati was the owner of Flipper.

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Melissa Joan Hart


Biography Melissa Joan Hart

This is a biography of Melissa Joan Hart. She was born in Smithtown in 1975 and grew up in Sayville. She started her career early. Her early life was spent doing commercials and plays, but she also spent time in school in her hometown where she grew up. Much of her childhood she spent acting and performing, including on Broadway. Her father Bill Harts owns Hart Lobster. Her sister is Emily Hart who did the voice of Sabrina in the cartoon. Her and her mother Paula Hart own Hartbreak Films and her sister Emily Hart did the cartoon, animated version of Sabrina that was on the Disney Channel. This is a Melissa Joan Hart fan site, and many would like to join her fan club. Perhaps a Sayville Real Estate Agent can show you her home town to see the beautiful Sayville waterfront property. The colors of the schools is purple and gold and they are called the Sayville Golden Flashes. Popular kids and unpopular kids. Information about bullies, bullied, dealing with bullies and how to stop a bully. The case of bullycide. School and schools must deal with the problem of Columbine. Children picking on kids and how to prevent it. How to fight bullies. Mean kids. Safe schools and how to crate them. Hints on dealing with problems between students for teachers and school administrators. Law and lawyers that specialize in education law for students and educators. Melissa Joan hart Unauthorized biography and bio. Official fan club information. and unofficial fan club West Sayville

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Biography of Melissa Joan Hart, that plays Sabrina the Teenage Witch. melissajoanhart.com . Complete info. Need to know.

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