Jessica Hahn, Jim Bakker, Exorcisms, Demons

PTL Church Sex Scandal Explodes in Amityville Area

Jessica Hahn

Jessica Hahn Mocking Christianity.

Jessica Hahn of the PTL scandal is a major figure in the search of the truth of Amityville. Her childhood may sound familiar to Amityville researchers. She was kept in a basement as a child, her mother's head was stuck in a toilet by her father, and she said, "I grew up in a really abusive home." (Larry King Show, 7/14/05) Her grandfather was beaten to death, his "wife had burned to death... when a cigarette ignited her nightgown," (Newsday 9/24/87) her father died, and her mother starved to death. At the age of 14 she was was taken in by the Reverend Gene Profeta, and according to Newsday, (8/3/88) "she had a romantic relationship with Profeta." His Full Tabernacle Gospel Church is between the Poltergeist house and the Amityville Horror house, and north of the Ft. Neck Indian massacre site. The bulk of his church membership was from Amityville. Jessica Hahn was regularly seen in Amityville. Like the Lutz's, she even had a black labrador! Her upbringing reminds one of the DeFeo and Lutz households.

Jessica Hahn eventually turned into a Jezebel. Tammy Faye Bakker said in her book, "Telling it My Way" that Hahn was a "professional temptress." It was a roll in the sack with Jessica Hahn that brought down the giant PTL ministry empire of Jim Bakker. Neighbor Barbara Pietropaolo and Penthouse magazine said that Hahn had sex with a child. (Newsday, 5/9/88) Howard Stern and another man "...frolicked in a hotel tub with a naked Jessica Hahn..." (Howard Stern A to Z  by Luigi Lucaire  1997 P.105) Another man is Hugh Hefner. Do we see a pattern here?

The worst of all was what happened to Jessica Hahn mother. Her mother, "Dabbing at tears that marred her mascara, Jessica Hahn's mother said yesterday that she was shocked and physically ill when she first saw semi-nude photographs of her daughter in Playboy magazine." (Newsday, 9/24/87) The shock of what her daughter was involved in killed her. Hahn said, "She stopped eating and within months she died." (Larry King Show, 7/14/05) One person said, "She killed her own mother."

Many in the central Long Island wonder if Jessica Hahn sold her soul to the Devil. She went from a nobody to being married to a top Hollywood producer. The way she did it was most shocking. Using sex is one thing, but she largely made it by mocking Christianity.

Is Jessica Hahn truly evil, or was she driven to it? Parallels can be made with Ron DeFeo. Both were raised in abusive household, were drug addicts, same hangouts, about same age, etc. The church she was associated with was very well known for miracles and other supernatural claims. Driving out demons is connected with members of that church. Members of the church claim that there is demon activity in the area. Tammy Faye Bakker said, ""I've been telling the devil, you get away from Jim Baker."  This was in regard to what was going on with Jessica Hahn. One thing is certain, these people went down an evil path. Jim Bakker is the first to say that. Drugs, stealing, sodomy, children, fraud, etc. was all par for the course for those involved in the scandal.



The giant worldwide PTL ministry of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker was brought down by Jessica Hahn. In regard to the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church Tammy said, "I've been telling the devil, you get away from Jim Baker." This church is located near Amityville,  between the famous Amityville Horror house, and the famous Poltergeist house. Also between the houses is the famous Indian massacre site.


Jessica Hahn had sex with Hugh Hefner, pictured on the right. She became a well known porno star. Notice in picture on left Hahn is dressed to look "Devilish."


It should of been no surprise that the Bakkers were immoral people. They were always pro-sodomite. "The gays were welcome; the lesbians were welcome. Everybody was welcome at PTL." (The Advocate, 7/18/00)

Historian Vinson Synan said "There does appear to have been a kind of subterranean, homosexual world inside PTL that has never been fully described."

Why was anyone surprised that these people got caught up into a sex scandal?


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"I sorrowfully acknowledge that seven years ago ... I was wickedly manipulated by treacherous former friends and colleagues who victimized me with the aid of a female confederate," he said. "They conspired to betray me into a sexual encounter at a time of great stress in my marital life. ... I was set up as part of a scheme to co-opt me and obtain some advantage for themselves over me in connection with their hope for position in the ministry."

historian Vinson Synan of Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. "There does appear to have been a kind of subterranean, homosexual world inside PTL that has never been fully described. That's where so many questions remain."

Massapequa (N.Y.) Full Gospel Tabernacle Church, where Fletcher preached in the early '90s, refuse to answer questions -- merely saying that he recently passed away. Tabloid reports said he suffered from AIDS.